How can I see where I am sitting for an event?

For your convenience there are general seating charts for the venues we manage located at seating maps

How can I get a group rate on tickets?

Group rates are available for selected shows/events. Visit the event you are interested in. If a group discount is offered it will be listed.

What is the process for purchasing ADA accessible seating tickets?

If you or a companion needs to sit in a special needs or ADA accessible area, please be sure to indicate so when purchasing your tickets online, by phone or at the Ticket Star box office. Be sure to review the complete Resch Center ADA policy

How do I obtain a promotion and/or pre-sale code?

Most promotions are limited to certain price levels or areas within the venue. Promotion or pre-sale codes are targeted to specific groups of consumers, such as fan club members, Ticket Star’s e-Vent news subscribers or our Facebook and Twitter followers. Access typically requires a password which is specific to each event and is provided to consumers directly through the promoters of the event, sponsors of the pre-sale or subscribers to our e-Vent News.

Is there children pricing?

The age at which a child requires a ticket for admission will vary from venue to venue, and from event to event. Please bear in mind that events specifically geared toward children (such as Sesame Street Live) will almost always require children to have a ticket for admission. Concerts will require all patrons regardless of age, including infants, to have a ticket. To determine if a ticket will be required for your child, you may contact the Ticket Star Box Office by calling 800.895.0071.

Can I re-sell tickets?

The resale of tickets may be subject to state and local laws and regulations. Any violation of such laws may result in your prosecution by such agencies. Ticket Star assumes no liability arising from your resale or attempted resale of tickets purchased through us.

Are all sales final?

All sales completed though Ticket Star are final so please be sure you have selected the proper event and seat locations prior to completing your order. If an event is cancelled, refunds will be given per the procedure posted at that time on our website and details will be released to the media.

What is Will Call and where is it located?

If you are planning on picking up your tickets in advance, WILL CALL is located at the Ticket Star box office in the Resch Center. If you are going to pick them up right before the event, WILL CALL is located at the box office of the venue you’ll be attending, like the Meyer Theatre or Weidner Center, etc. If it is Packers game day parking, and you are picking up right before the game, WILL CALL is at the entrance of the lot you purchased. The person purchasing the tickets online is the only person permitted to pick up the tickets. Photo identification is required.

Does Ticket Star sell gift cards?

Gift cards can be purchased online, by phone 800.895.0071 or at the Ticket Star Box Office located in the Resch Center. These gift cards are good for tickets that Ticket Star sells but also for Resch Center concession and team store purchases. For more information see Gift Card

What is the camera policy for events?

The ability to bring cameras and other recording devices varies per event. Please call the box office at 800.895.0071 one week prior to the event you are attending. If cameras are allowed, most events allow only a small digital camera that can fit into your pocket.

What if I have lost something at an event?

Lost and found is located in the box office of the venue you were at. Articles are kept at the office until the end of the event and then are stored for 30 days. To see if your lost item was found, please call 800.895.0071.

What is the Sensory Safe Zone?

SSZ Logo 1x2in.jpg

PMI Entertainment Group is pleased to offer a Sensory Safe Zone at select shows/events. If your loved one is struggling to cope with the performance, you may access the Sensory Safe Zone rather than leave the facility completely. Features include:
• A quiet, stimulant-free area located in the Rotunda area of the Resch Center
• Equipped with fidgets, weighted blankets and other quiet activities
• A live feed of the performance will be playing (when available) so you can enjoy the rest of the show
• A staff-free area for privacy, but our guest services team will be nearby if you need anything
• Sunglasses and noise-canceling headphones are available to check out prior to event
• A script of the show (when available) so you can prepare your loved one for what will happen and when
For more information, please call the Ticket Star box office 800.895.0071
"I just googled Monster Trucks because my family is finally ready to try venturing out and seeing a show. When I came upon the information about your sensory free zone, I nearly cried.
You see, my son is on the Autism spectrum and spent years absolutely freaking out over loud sounds and large groups of people. 
The creation of this space is so big - for so few people. The fact that it exists at all is a testament to the wonderful changes happening in the world around us and the acceptance of people like my son.
Thank you.
To see that there are people, like you out there who care this much about people with sensory issues is beyond heartwarming.
-Shella Cain

Is there an area for nursing mothers at the Resch Center?

Yes, the designated spaces for nursing mothers are the family restrooms. There is one on the concourse near sections 211-212 and one near sections 219-220. The family restrooms have a door that can be locked.

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