A Gold Star Ticket is not only your ticket to the event, but it also allows you to pre-load $25 to each ticket that must be used during the event to purchase concessions at Resch Center events. It must be used by the time the concession stands close.  ​

Why is this great? 

  • No need to carry cash - the ticket holds your money for you.
  • Tickets are easily scanned for payment. Just order, scan and go!
  • Simplify your group or family outing by having funds already attached to the tickets, allowing kids and group members to get their own concessions without having to manage the money.
  • Corporations can treat their clients and guests with an over-the-top experience to cover costs for the entire event.
  • It’s the perfect finishing touch to any group gathering, employee incentive, VIP package and more!​ 

How do I purchase a Gold Star Ticket?

Gold Star tickets are available to purchase for select events. You can purchase a Gold Star ticket by selecting/asking for the Gold Star ticket at any seat price level.

What is the difference between a Gold Star Ticket and a Gift Card?

Gold Star tickets are tickets for a particular event that have $25 pre-loaded onto the barcode of that ticket. The Gold Star tickets are event-specific and must be used on food and beverage at select stands. Resch Center gift cards are a separate card that can be purchased in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100 and can be used at any event.  Learn more about Resch Center gift cards here.

Can I convert the $25 on my Gold Star ticket to cash?

No, Gold Star tickets are added-value and cannot be converted to cash. Added- value can only be used for redemption at particular concession stands.

Does the $25 on my Gold Star ticket expire?

Yes, the Gold Star ticket’s value is only good for the event the ticket was purchased for. The Gold Star ticket activates the day of the event and expires when the concession stands close on that same calendar date. Gold Star added value can only be used at the event displayed on the Gold Star ticket.

Can I add more than $25 to my Gold Star ticket?

No, $25 is the only amount allowed on every Gold Star ticket.