Great for Groups, Gifts and So Much More!

A Gold Star Ticket is an added-value ticket that includes the ticket purchase price plus monies added to each ticket barcode. This added-value can be used for redemption at stationary concession stands for food and beverages and at The Team Store for souvenirs.

Advantages of Added-Value Tickets:

Diminishes the need to carry cash. Tickets are easily scanned for payment, resulting in faster transaction speeds.
Families and groups can simplify outings by adding funds to tickets, allowing kids and group members to safely get their own concessions.
Corporate ticket holders can provide their clients with a complete experience; tickets, food and beverage, Team Store merchandise and more!
Tickets with added funds are perfect for gifts, rewards, incentives and more.


How do I purchase a Gold Star Ticket?


The Gold Star Ticket experience is available for select events. You can purchase a Gold Star Ticket by selecting/asking for the Gold Star Ticket at any seat price level.

What is the difference between a Gold Star Ticket and a Gift Card?


Gold Star Tickets are a package ticket with monies loaded directly onto the ticket’s barcode. This added-value is intrinsically linked to the event ticket and can only be used during the event. Resch Center Ca$h gift cards are a separate card that can be purchased in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100 and can be redeemed at any time.

Can I convert my Gold Star Ticket added-value to cash?

No, Gold Star Tickets are added-value and cannot be converted to cash. Added-value can only be used for redemption at various concession stands for food and beverages and at The Team Store for souvenirs.


Does the added-value on my Gold Star Ticket expire?


Yes, the Gold Star Ticket is intrinsically linked to the event. Added-value activates the day of the event and expires at the close of business that same calendar date. Gold Star Ticket added-value can only be used at the event displayed on the Gold Star Ticket.