Mar 9 , 2019

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience is the nation’s most innovative and unique show utilizing the works of the Beatles. This amazing group, anchored by brothers Billy and Matthew McGuigan, does away with the worn out “tribute” format of bad wigs and fake accents. Instead, they perform as themselves and leave the song choices completely up to you! The set list is created five minutes before the show, based upon the songs chosen by your audience!

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Tickets Available Now
Venue Menominee Nation Arena, Oshkosh, WI Get Directions

Ticket Prices

$78, $28


The $78 tickets include a special audience experience which includes “sound check by request” with the band, a meet-and-greet, light buffet in the Verve lounge, and seating in the first few rows and Verve Lounge for the concert.”