Wisconsin Herd
Mar 21 - 23 , 2018

Wisconsin Herd Basketball

Carry-In Policy


Walkthrough metal detectors (WTMD) serve as the primary method of fan screening at all NBA games.

Fans should keep the following in mind before they arrive at the arena entrance to expedite the process:

  *   Minimize the number of personal items they bring to the game.
  *   Remove from their clothing and belongings all items that may trigger a WTMD alarm.
  *   Hold those items visibly in their hand or, as a better option, place them on the divesting table for inspection. In most cases, security screeners will have plastic bins into which those items can be placed while fans walk through the WTMD.
  *   If the WTMD alarm sounds, fans will be subject to a secondary screening which may slow their entry into the arena.
  *   All permitted bags must be searched thoroughly. Permitted bags should be soft-sided, not larger than 14" x 6" x 14" and able to fit completely beneath an arena seat. Bags that are fully packed take longer to search; clear bags and those packed loosely are more easily examined.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  *   Weapons: guns, firearms, ammunition
  *   Knives
  *   Self-defense sprays: mace, pepper spray
  *   Explosives / fireworks
  *   Aerosol cans
  *   Frisbees
  *   Beverages
  *   Poles, selfie sticks, missile-like objects that can be thrown
  *   Strollers
  *   Tripods
  *   Beach balls
  *   Illegal substances
  *   Bats and clubs
  *   Drones (unmanned aircraft systems) or model aircraft
  *   Laser-pointing devices
  *   Whistles and horns
  *   ipads, tablets and laptops
  *   Large banners and flags
  *   Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by NBA or arena personnel, in their sole discretion


General Parking:

Free general parking is limited in the Menominee Nation Arena lot. Additional street parking around the arena will also be free for guests. Guests entering from the north who are using the lot will use the 11th Avenue entrance, and guests coming in from the south can enter in the Main Street entrance.

Handicap Parking:

The Handicap parking entrance is located on South Park Avenue, identified by a “Handicap” sign

Special Needs

Please contact the box office at 920-744-2035 for any special needs request.

The Handicap parking entrance is located on South Park Avenue, identified by a “Handicap” sign

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