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Apr 25 , 2018

SOLD OUT - Trauma and Attachment with Dr. Eboni Webb

Program Description:

Many of the clients that we serve have such complex problems due to extensive trauma and attachment disturbances. These early wounds have informed their adult presentations resulting in mental illness and personality disorders. The poet William Wordsworth wrote in his poem, My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold (1802), “..the Child is father of the Man.” Future pioneering psychologists would be inspired by this passage as they came to understand that both function and dysfunction are born in childhood and guide us in our adult lives. In this course you will come to understand the impact of trauma on the developing mind and how attachment is formed or lost through traumatic events. You will learn how the brain is organized through healthy attachment and the critical elements of healthy attachment. We will examine the current neuroscience behind both trauma and attachment and the top evidence-based strategies to address key DSM-V disorder through the lens of trauma.

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