Oct 11 , 2019

Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Michael May, MA, LCPC

Event Description

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the behavior analytic account of language and cognition that underlies Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.
2. Identify the six core Psychological Flexibility processes of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.
3. Define Experiential Avoidance and Cognitive Fusion and their role in psychopathology.
4. Identify how ACT seeks to undermine unworkable language functions via defusionexercises.
5. Identify the role of values clarification in ACT.
6. Utilize acceptance exercises in session to increase client willingness to engage in values-consistent behaviors.
7. Analyze the efficacy of mindfulness meditation for clients on a case-by-case basis, and demonstrate alternative mindfulness interventions for clients who find meditation aversive or unhelpful.
8. Utilize clinical strategies to assist clients in clarifying their values as it relates to case conceptualization.
9. Implement clinical treatment interventions, such as behavioral activation strategies or social skills training interventions, to improve client engagement in values-consistent behaviors as an approach to managing symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, personality disorders or depression.
10. Utilize metaphors and exercises to explain self-as-context in session for purposes of client psychoeducation.

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