Sep 13 , 2019

The Narcissistic Triangle: Clients, Partners, and Children - SOLD OUT!

Daniel Fox, PhD

Event Description

Learning objectives:

  • Identify narcissistic personality components and subtypes.
  • Plan treatment trajectories when working with narcissistic clients to enhance therapeutic success.
  • Understand the structure of NPD and its complexities to the treatment environment.
  • Enhance skills to manage narcissistic expressions and its impact on partners and children who participate in treatment.
  • Learn about common challenges and therapeutic blockades when working with individuals along the narcissistic spectrum.
  • Develop skills to minimize maladaptive relationship pathology to help your narcissistic spectrum clients, their partners, and their children learn adaptive relationship skills.
  • Assist your clients to build resistance and resiliency against manipulative behavior often seen in relationships with individuals along the narcissistic spectrum.
  • Differentiate between the different narcissistic spectrum parent types to improve treatment outcomes among their children.
  • Develop effective assessment skills and clinical strategies for effectively treating children of narcissistic spectrum parents.
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