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Jun 14 , 2019

Self-Compassion & Compassion for Clinicians

Lee-Anne Gray, PsyD

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the 4 dimensions of self-compassion;
  • Summarize the interpersonal neurobiology of self-compassion and compassion practices and their effects on depression, anxiety, and stress;
  • Use self-compassion and compassion practices to minimize compassion fatigue/burnout/secondary trauma in practitioners and other caregivers;
  • Teach self-compassion strategies to others, safely minimizing risks of dissociation and decompensation in traumatized individuals;
  • Implement self-compassion and compassion tools with cultural competence (ie: LGBTQ+ individuals, adolescents, and diverse/marginalized communities);
  • Design treatment plans that incorporate developmentally-appropriate mindfulness and self-compassion skills when working with adolescents/families/parents/groups;
  • Integrate self-compassion, compassion, and mindful awareness practices with other treatment protocols;
  • Facilitate others cultivating self-compassion/compassion practices to increase attention, concentration, executive functioning, and resilience.
  • Acquire practices and interventions that decrease shame, self-criticism, and increase self-kindness instead.
  • Explain the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem.
  • Manage transference, countertransference, and counterreactions with self-compassion and compassion.
  • Identify the limitations of the research and potential risks associated with introducing self-compassion/compassion/mindful awareness practices with clinical populations (per APA.)
  • Summarize empirical evidence for using self-compassion/compassion/mindful awareness practices as clinical interventions (per APA.)
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