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Feb 21 , 2019

DBT Intermediate Level CBT: Evidence-Based Strategies for Multiple Symptom Sets

Dr. Jeff Riggenbach, Ph.D.

Learning objectives:

  • Acquire an understanding of broader meaning of “cognitive behavioral therapies”
  • Develop an understanding of the the 3 different levels of cognition and learn 3 types of cognitive strategies for intervention at each of the different levels
  • Incorporate mindfulness, acceptance, and other metacognitive strategies into treatment
  • Learn language to socialize clients to the model and connect to relapse prevention
  • Develop 3 sets of cognitive conceptualization skills to help diagnose, document, and drive treatment
  • Utilize 5 behavioral activation strategies to use in early stages of treatment resident depression
  • Understand the 7 motivations for self-injurious behavior and how to effectively intervene with each
  • Learn 5 cognitive techniques proven to help reduce arousal in anxiety disordered individuals
  • Develop schema modification skills to help clients not only manage symptoms in the moment but create long- term change that lasts
  • Understand the fundamental tenants of relapse prevention and develop skills in implementing 3 specific techniques to facilitate it.
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