Nov 27 - 28 , 2012

Batman Live - The Crime Fighting Arena Spectacular

"The Ultimate Family Night Out"

For the first time in DC Comics' history, Batman - the world's most popular
DC Super Hero - is now an all-new, live-action arena spectacular which is
taking the world by storm. BATMAN LIVE is a 15 million dollar stage
production with an original story featuring a 43 strong cast of actors and
circus trained acrobats, a 3D Gotham City landscape, a bespoke symphonic
score, custom-built state-of-the-art stage, a 100 foot bat-shaped LED video
wall, pyrotechnics and the impressive Batmobile, designed especially for the
show by legendary racing car designer Professor Gordon Murray. 

Faithfully adapted from the DC Comics characters and stories, BATMAN LIVE
focuses on Robin's quest for justice, which leads him to follow in the
footsteps of his hero - the mysterious vigilante known as Batman, much to
the dismay of his protective guardian, billionaire Bruce Wayne, whom the
audience knows is secretly Batman. This dynamic triangle resolves itself in
a non-stop thrill-ride across Gotham City that transforms Bruce Wayne and
Dick Grayson into the legendary crime-fighters, Batman and Robin. The
adventure transports the audience from the Big Top of Haly's Circus to the
depths of Arkham Asylum, and from the glittering peaks of the Penguin's
Iceberg Lounge to the subterranean wonders that await inside the Batcave.

Batman Live Comes to America!
1st Stop Honda Center, Anaheim California


Awesome show. There is something for everyone; pyrotechnics, acrobatics, a whole cast of villains for Batman to defeat. In a word, awesome!

The Batmobile has been upgraded. This is very reminiscent of the old batman comic book series. They even play videoin the background for a 3d effect. You have to see it!

Took my 21 yr old & 16 yr old and his friend. We're all big Batman fans but this show has something for all ages. Very creative approach to story-telling with enough special effects to wow the skeptic teens. I enjoyed the
throw-back to the old show with the characters and costuming. 

W-O-W! what a great show. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! My six-year-old and I really
enjoyed it and even though it was 2hrs long...we didn't want it to end. We
loved all the special effects, props and the costumes. My six year old asked
me after it was over, "Can we come watch it again?"

This was a wonderful telling of the Batman and Robin story. It seamlessly
introduced acrobatics and magician work into the story. The acrobatics work
included a gymnastic style performance with people who are physical
specimens and are able to defy gravity with their bodies and will. It is the
type of gymnastic work you would expect to see in any show, but it is always
so amazing and spectacular to see it live. The magician work focused on
vanishing acts and did not start until beginning of the second act. It was
still well done and is hard to figure out. I'm sure other people figured out
how they did it, but I'm still left guessing.

I went to this show without knowing what to expect, but I still thoroughly
enjoyed it. Batman Live kept me glued to me seat and was very entertaining.
They kept the stage very busy for most of the show.

There were a lot of children in the audience who seemed to enjoy the show
very much. I would also recommend this performance to anyone who is a Batman
fan, or is interested in becoming a Batman fan. It is something I have not
seen before and thought it well done.

This is more in line with the comic book version of Batman then the
Christopher Nolan version of Batman (i.e. the recent Batman movie trilogy).


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Gotham City $75, $54, $39, $29, and $19. Students $7 off the $29 & $39 tickets