Aug 29 , 2019

2-Day Mindfulness Master Class

Terry Fralich, LCPC

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how early attachment experiences impact on the child’s emerging brain.
  2. Identify clients’ mental models and core negative beliefs.
  3. Explain the paradigm shift in neuroplasticity.
  4. Understand the Mindfulness Path for Growth.
  5. Learn and apply the Five Core Skills of mindfulness.
  6. Describe the essential nature of mindfulness practice in treating and transforming anxiety, depression, anger and unhealthy patterns
  7. Teach brain-changing mindfulness skills and practices to clients.
  8. Apply ways for clients to practice mindfulness outside the session.
  9. Demonstrate fundamental meditation techniques.
  10. Select and practice experiential exercises to use with clients.
  11. Cultivate ways to counsel “in the flow” and avoid burn-out.
  12. Integrate mindfulness more fully into your personal and professional lives.
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Ticket Prices

$249.00 per person

Please note: All persons attending must register individually. Please list every individual's name who will be attending this training. If you do not list all name's when purchasing your tickets, they will not show up on the MHS sign-in sign-out pages for their CE credits.