Near Water Concert Series Presents: Field Report

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Field Report is the creation of Chris Porterfield, who cut his musical teeth with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and the members of Megafaun in the now-legendary band DeYarmond Edison. After their breakup in 2006, Bon Iver and Megafaun went on to success while Chris hung back in Wisconsin, thinking his career in music was over. It was really just beginning. For the first time in his life, he began writing his own songs, which he spent the following five years carefully divining, killing off, revising, and honing. In December 2011, the record was created at Vernon's studio in Fall Creek, WI. The result is a haunting, lyrical narrative that has already garnered a swell of attention nationwide.

"Enchanting…a breakout debut"
-­‐Rolling Stone

“Field Report crafts beautifully lyrical songs packed with poetic sentiments"
(One of 11 “Bands You Should Know”)

“Absolutely magnificent…Porterfield creates a marvelous sense of place that you walk into and never want to leave. There's a powerful musical brilliance to be heard and felt on Field Report's debut. It’s the best debut of the year.”
–Bruce Warren, WXPN

“It’s an astonishing record…the scope of the writing, the ambitiousness of the music…it's bigger than the small stories it's telling."
–AdamDuritz, Counting Crows

“Porterfield's hold on detail-­‐driven narratives is as strong as that of his old friend [Justin Vernon]”

“The soulful, personal lyrics — often with small-­‐town themes — create an intimate setting for the band's expansive sound”

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